The World Tango Championships & Festival, 2011


The day has arrived! After much anticipation, the World Tango Festival and Championship, an annual tango extravaganza that descends upon Buenos Aires each August, has officially started. The city is abuzz with tango dancers, historians and enthusiasts that have traveled both near and far to be a part of this exciting tango festival.

If you have the opportunity to participate in any way in the tango festivities this year, we highly recommend it. Narrative Tango Tours will be soaking up as much of the tango-tastic activities as possible. The ‘Mundial’, as locals call it, can sometimes be hard to navigate. There are hundreds of great options to enjoy the tango during the festival, but many times lines are long, venues are crowded, and directions can be confusing if you don’t know the culture or the language.

So here are some details, as well as a few wonderful (and bilingual!) sites to rev up your tango engines.

Dates: The World Tango Festival and Championship lasts from Tuesday, August 16th, until Tuesday, August 30th. Exactly two weeks of tango fun!

Useful Websites: below is a compiled list of the most useful websites that NTT has found for this years Mundial, complete with details and must-see activities for the 2011 festivities.

  • Popular website 2xtango gives us a full program of all of the tango activities available at this years mundial. Read the English version here, and the Spanish version here.
  • Argentine newspaper La Nacion tells us the ten things we can’t miss this Mundial. Read the article (in Spanish) here.
  • The official Government site for the Mundial has a wealth of details. Click here

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