Photo Gallery

Cyrena with tour guests in San Telmo on the Historical Walking Tour

Cyrena with guests on the historical walking tour – La Boca

Cyrena with guests at the end of the historical walking tour – Abasto

The neighborhood of San Telmo – one of the oldest in Buenos Aires!

La Boca

One of Benito Quinquela Martin’s paintings in front of his museum – La Boca

A traditional/historical scene on La Boca’s Caminito

A Milonga in Buenos Aires

Tango Show with Cyrena Drusine and Jesus Velazquez

Carlos Gardel on a Facade in Abasto

Tango Lyrics Inscribed on the Street – Pasaje Zalaya, Abasto

Carlos Gardel

A tango couple dancing in Salon Canning (source: The NYTimes)

The Tango Embrace

Tangueros, Salon Canning, Buenos Aires

Tango mural and lyrics in San Telmo







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