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NTT Promotional Teaser Video

Fall in love with the TANGO in Buenos Aires. Let Narrative Tango Tours be your guide.

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We put this video (and photo shoot) together one lazy weekend afternoon in San Telmo with a brilliant photographer and videographer team of Jocelyn Mandryck and Guillermo Bia. We’ve worked together with both of them on numerous projects, and each has always proven to be a success.



Gotan Project shakin’ it up with

I came across this great, non-traditional tango video a few weeks ago. Gotan Project, a very well known tango-electro group, chose a more conceptual route for this video. I like seeing tango music paired with something that doesn’t fit into the predescribed box of what is “tango”. The boxer in this video provides the movement, giving the video a touch of dance that isn’t tango. The hatted and suited man is reminiscent of Gardel, but not in an overly overt way. All in all, this video gets the NTT seal of approval for creativity!